At Tea Shack/Taoiseach Irish Café, come and enjoy a delicious coffee, tea or meal and brush up on your English-speaking skills, if you wish! Taoiseach (pronounced “tea shack”) means chief or leader in the Irish language. The Irish Prime Minister is officially referred to as An Taoiseach (The Leader). We decided to name our café Tea Shack/Taoiseach in order to represent a sense of informality, while at the same time aiming to be a leader in promoting Irish culture here in Japan.
We serve Irish food such as soda bread, stew and recipes inspired by Irish dishes. We encourage our customers to relax, enjoy the craic (Irish term for fun) and to chill out or try speaking English with us. Any level of conversation welcome but not mandatory – the emphasis is on your comfort and freedom from the daily pressures that we all need to take a break from. So why not do just that at Tea Shack and enjoy your drink/snack whilst listening to comtemporary and traditional Irish music?




Tea Shack/Taoiseach sells secondhand books, mainly English language novels, some of Irish interest. You may be able to find books you have been looking for or discover an author or two that you hadn’t read before. Please feel free to ask us about recommendations on the books for sale, as most have been read by one or both of us!